Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas gifts!

This is all a bit random, but I am just too excited! This year, I couldn't afford Christmas gifts and even if I could, I didn't want to buy my family what I normally do. A wallet, lego set, Play Station 3 game, and Bath and Body Works, soooo...I got a bit creative! It kind of all started when I went to pick up my dad from his old office and nearly threw up when I saw the 8 x 10" portrait of myself...IN 8th GRADE! Terrible! I immediately knew that new portraits would be an awesome idea. My mom had been avoiding JCPenny portrait studios like the plague, and for good reason. Anywho, I had one of my close friends, an amazing photographer, take portraits of all of us for gifts! I just got the finalized ones back and I wanted to share them! They came out so great! I was super surprised because anyone who knows anything knows how difficult it is to control a 10 year old and 16 year old without strangling one/both of them!

This is the one of all three of us that we ended up getting printed. The boys REALLY enjoyed dog-piling on me. Perhaps a little bit too much.

These were the other group shots:

This was a favorite! Hehe.

And here are the boys!

My youngest brother, Matthew:

And Christopher, the 16 year old:

I think they came out awesome!

OH! and myself!

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