Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Grief.

I can't believe that I haven't posted a mail photo when this is a mail-loving blog! Either way, here is the first! A few weeks ago, I wrote to Katie of For the Love of Mail and had a wonderful response to my first letter! She is such a sweetheart, and I follow her blog as well as write to her! This time around, I made her and especially colorful letter! Unfortunately, it was kind of ruined by the crap photo quality of my BlackBerry. Next time, I'm either highjacking my mother's iPhone (since I have to way another year to buy one of my own. urggh!) or my 16 year old brother's new camera.

ANYWAYS. First, I am going to post the photo of my first letter to her. At the moment, it's nine in the morning which really doesn't seem too early, but it is for me (I go to sleep around 2am.) and I don't feel like trudging upstairs to get her reply to photograph!

Here is my first, care of her website/photo:

For the above piece of mail art, I used a vintage (if 'vintage' means the early 90's, hahaha.) page from a book on Dolphins that I read as a young girl as well as a "Hello, my name is..." label, and several vintage stamps, which were adhered with my favorite glue-ish substance, glossy ModgePodge! Also, my favorite Pixar postage stamp was used!

Now for my newest letter to here! Prepare to be dazzled! No, literally, dazzled. It's sparkly! I used a bunch of rhinestones and covered the ENTIRE front of the envelopes, adhering them with the same glossy ModgePodge. We shall see if it survived the mail system! I even used the same Pixar stamps! :D

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