Sunday, December 25, 2011

Last minute Christmas Post!

I meant to do this earlier, but I thought it would be fun to show off some of our Christmas decorations! And my sleepy brothers! At the moment, we're waiting to bring my dad is coffee. Nothing gets done in the morning without his coffee! I could only get some of our decorations because the rest are on timers. :/ The tops of the cabinets in our kitchen are lined with lit garland and even the light fixture above our pool/billiards table is wrapped in lit garland!

The banister leading to our second floor:

Our stockings over out 'fireplace'! It's a gas fireplace (behind glass.) and is turned on my a light that really a fireplace?

Some of our 'Christmas Village' decorations:

Our eclectic, fake tree! Some people have matchy-matchy trees with fancy ribbon and what-not but I love ours. :) It has ornaments that my parents have collected through the years and even the first ornament my parents ever bought together! Unfortunately, we have to go fake because I am deathly allergic to Christmas trees. :( I love real ones so much, though!

The gifts! (I couldn't fit them all in the photo. They go towards the back/right side of the tree, too.) You also can;t see the 32 inch flat-screen TV my parents bought my 16 year old brother (it's pretty much his only gift.) that he found out about. Nice surprise, eh? -_-

And the brothers!

Wooohoo for Christmas!!

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