Monday, November 7, 2011

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

It' a bit sad that two days without sleep and a gnarly (yes, I just said 'gnarly...) is what it takes me to get going on my blog. I have been wanting to get this puppy up and running for months but have lacked the inspiration or mood. Now...the motivation is there, I guess! I could possibly have something to do with the act that it is six in the morning and for once in a VERY long time, I have no letters to write! So, after some lengthy Etsy browsing, pre-Christmas shopping, and product oogling, here I am!

Hopefully there is mail today.
Please let there be mail!
The only issue is that means I need to go out in the cold to get to my mail and it is getting cold here in California! I'm actually moderately jealous of my tortoise currently sleeping underneath my bed.

Who in their right mind is jealous of a tortoise?
Me, I suppose.

Also, in case anyone wondered if tortoises is your proof.

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