Friday, May 11, 2012


Well, I managed to get some sleep last night! As many of my pals (you guys.) might know, I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder (one of a few disorders. The rest mostly involve anxiety.). Well, at the moment, I'm dealing with the side effects of not having a sleep aid or mood stabilizer. More or less, I spent last night tossing and turning! It was horrid! I haven't been without a sleep aid for a very long time and I must go a week without it due to the expense of the medication. Can you believe that American pharmaceutical companies can get away with charging $430 A MONTH for one medication?! That's a little over 336 euros or roughly 266 pounds. Anyways, for those who aren't familiar with the disorder, it's like having a hundred hamsters running on wheels in one's brain! You'd think I'd be able to write a bunch of letter while staying up late, but nope! It's crippling! Anywho, enough complaining! I want to show off what Kiki sent me today! PUFFERFISH EARRINGS! Yes! Those are teeny little pufferfish! I want them in multiple colors! How amazing would blue pufferfish be? I could match all my work clothes with them! Check these puppies out!

Kiki always packages her jewellery so beautifully! I was too excited to photograph the gorgeous packaging she put the actual earrings in unfortunately. :/

Soooo cute!

And I also tried on my Scrabble tile necklace! So cute!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I know what you mean, very well. Mood stabilizer, anti depressants. By now they are familiar. I got a higher, new, dose this week and it is the horror of the first week all over. Starring into nothingness, nausea.... yay for disorders... O_o I hope you can manage to get some sleep at night *hugs*

Sam said...

I'm glad you got some sleep last night.:]
That's terrible you can't sleep because of the meds though.

Those earrings are to die for. Ha, so cute! The necklace is super nifty:)

JEN said...

Hey hun! I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling lately. I'm here if you need to talk. I hope that things start getting easier for you. I'll be posting a letter to you today *hugs*
By the way- absolutely loved the scrabble necklace!

Marina said...

I love the necklace!! And I hope things will get better for you, sending you hugs!

TMC said...

I know the feeling. Have you asked your doctor about patient assistance programs? I've been on 2 and they're a great blessing. You get the medication at a reasonable cost, or no cost.

SavannahStorm said...

I'm so glad you got the necklace! phew, it didnt get lost in the mail (:

Yoshi said...

Kendra did you get my letter with the promised 25?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a rough time. I'm glad to see you got the cute little earrings as a pick-me-up. They remind me of the first time I went fishing off a pier in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The very first fish I ever caught was a pufferfish and when I reeled it in, it was all puffed up with its weird little eyes popping out. I threw it back but it was definitely interesting to see. Feel better soon.

Herryponting said...

necklace so cute in your neck..
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