Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My mail this week has been a bit sparse given that I haven't sent a whole lot out! This coming week is finals week and my MASSIVE final for Introduction to Planetary Systems is more or less going to give me a bloody coronary! (Ew, that sounds kind of gross...). Anyways, things will pick up after the next two weeks! School will be over and I will be free to do whatever I like! Also, I have been typing quite a few letters because my stupid hand is acting up. :/ I'm a perfectionist and it's making things messy! I'm also kind of in love with using my new wireless printer, but that is a whole 'nother story! Another thing is that I'm witing to buy my new ink ribbon for my new typewriter to send out a few letters! I may have to just write them and wait because the new ribbon is like $20 and that's $20 I don't have! Anywho, on to the mail!

Here are some outgoing pieces. :)

One to Laura over at Please Deliver to...

Letters to Sophie and Elisabeth!

And here is some incoming!

One from Tess. :) And the stamps!

Check out the cool movie ticket!

And here is the big question. WHERE CAN I GET THIS STATIONARY!?!?!

Next is a lovely letter from Sandra!

Yep, those are socks on the postage stamp!!!

A lovely card from Miss. Laura! I love the notecard she used!

And last, but not least! A fab letter from Savannah in England! I am IN LOVE with the Scrabble tile necklace she sent me! The bow even has writing on it!


Jennifer said...

I'm sending your letter out tomorrow before I go away :)

Sam said...

I adore your blog. Ha, it makes mine look lame! I can't wait to get your letter when you mail me. I have missed your letters. :) You know what I have found out though about Memphis? It's super hard to find cute and unique stationary. :( It's like a crime almost. Ha, that was funny in my head. Memphis..crime. Because Memphis has a ton of crime. Anyway. Hope you have a good day:D

Laura L. said...

Oh wow, I love seeing mail posts that include mail for little old moi!! Especially ones that describe me as lovely! I'm sure that opinion will change once you start getting 567 page letters from me....

I noticed that the postal code is missing from my address. I hope that doesn't interfere with my getting the letter, because I'm sure it's full of awesome goodness. :)

Lady Kay said...

Fixed it, Laura! Unfortunately, it looks a bit messy, but oh well. At least it will get to you!

Sam - A statioanry crime is a crime nonetheless!!!

Henderica said...

The woodlike paper?
I think it's from a store called HEMA here in The Netherlands but I suspect they don't sell it anymore, can't find it online but I also have that paper :)

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