Friday, May 4, 2012

Mail, mail, maiiiiiiil!

Mail calllllll!


Isn't this mail box just the cutest? Haha. Oh, how I love my Hello Kitty! Anywho, I got so much wonderful mail this week!

Lets start out with a lovely box of goodies for a review and giveaway from Zombie Heart!

How cute is the tape she used?!

A lovely letter from Miss. Merissa! Oh, how I swoon at the sight of her penmanship!

How cute is her stationary?! And she also sent me a little matching paper goodie. :D

I'm in love with the pocket/tag design. ^^

Next is a fab letter from Kiki on even fabber stationary! Does that make it 'fabu'? I think I might just be making up words now...

And my goodness, stickers! I loooove them! I love Rilakkuma!

Next was a lovely letter and goodies from Anastasia! She sent me some teas and also a really helpful map to help me find the coins she needs to complete her collection! She also sent a photo (but I don't show personal photos.) as well as a very special vintage postcard that has promptly gone on my inspiration wall! I also put ALL of my pen pal photos on my inspiration wall, so her photo is up there, too! :D

Check out the new coin for my collection!!

Here are the stamps:

The postcard:

Oh! I almost forgot! She sent me this awesome collection of air mail labels! SO GREAT!

And here is the awesome coin list (it seriously helped me SO MUCH.) and the coins I'm sending! Don't worry, you can't see the states. ;)

Up close!

And what I'm sending! It's not all of it, though! I still have a piggy bank to go through later on today!

A fantastic package, right?! Moving on! To an equally fantastic package! My dearest friend J. from The Cute Side of Life posted a Lord of the Rings quiz and apparently I got the answers right! So, I was EXTREMELY surprised to find such a wonderful present in my mailbox! I was so excited because I adore her so much! She sent cute card, ADORABLE recipe cards, and an (as always!) great note!

I am in love with these recipe cards!!

Rose sent me a great letter! I can tell a letter is from her as soon as I pull it from my box! :)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least! A great (and gorgeous!!) letter from Bee! She always decorates her letters beautifully!!!

WELL! It's rather early in the morning here, but I want to get to writing and working on my Pinterest board for the Chronicle Books contest! :D


Almantina said...

All the amazing mail :) But I haven't seen mine everytime I read your posts :/ I hope my reply has reached you!

Bree said...

What a wonderful mail week you had! Love the Hello Kitty mail box! So cute! :D

Laura L. said...

Ooohhh, I love mail posts. I'm always so happy when people have great mail weeks.

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