Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mail! (and a cute little brother!)

Well, I've got a few envies to show off here! As well as an adorable photo! Of course (typical kay...urgh.), I managed to forget to photograph my outgoing mail! I promise I'll get better at doing it! It's quite late and I want to get this posted because I've got a bit of work to do on my next post! :) OH! And I've got a job interview tomorrow! Yay! I already have a part-time job, but come June, my hours will be cut to just ten hours a week! So, tomorrow, I'm heading out to interview for a full-time position as an office aid/receptionist and I'm really, REALLY hoping I get it!

Here is the one outgoing photo I managed to take! I hadn't spruced up the envie yet! In fact, I haven't actually finished writing the letter itself! haha. Going to Hannah!

And here's my incoming! :D

I got a lovely letter from Hannah in the UK as well as a SUPER CUTE tote bag! She knows me so well and always find me the most awesome Paris-themed goodies!!

A lovely letter from Elaine in Mallorca! She included a cute little letter set but I'd squirelled it away in my stash before I could take a photo! Aren't the stickers cute? Flamingos and penguins! AND they are raised stickers! We all know how much I adore raised and/or puffy/squishy stickers!


Then came a great letter from Konstantina in Greece! The post lost our previous letter. It's great to finally get back to writing her!

And the always lovely Greek stamps!

Now for the 11 year old brother knocked out on our upstairs loft couch! Awwwwwe.

Also, I thought I would tell you a bit about my personal life here...I had a sort of 'date' (not really a date...somewhere in between hanging out and a date...) with a sort-of ex-boyfriend from quite a while back (sort-of meaning we were never official. haha.) and it went great! I'm interested to see if anything comes of it, but of course, I have no high hopes as they are too hard to crush!


Bree said...

I'd got your mail and replied! Will send it tomorrow together with some other mail. Ooo.. and can you please reserve a cherry blossom stamp for me? :D

Lady Kay said...

Of course, Bree! :)

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