Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hello, my lovely friends! I'm sorry for the long spots where I don't post but I'm always so exhausted! I have four days off work this week so I'm hoping to get some more mail sent out! I'm exhausted but I really have no reason to be! It's weird. I miss being more productive and not being able to write much (letters!) in the past few weeks have been SO UPSETTING! Some crazy things are happening at work (people quitting etc.) so it's just...urgh! But my dad mentioned today that there is an internship opening up in his company and I think I'm going to do it! That on top of my part-time night job (the one i currently have now, so the internship and then a 4:30pm-8:30pm shift...It will be tough, but I need to be regimented! I just don't want to disappoint my dad and I want to do this internship and show him that I am capable! I'm going to tell him I want it tomorrow, so hopefully it starts in June or so as it's just a summer internship. Anywho, shall we get on to a few bits and pieces of mail? I didn't photograph everything! Oh! Also, to all those waiting on a letter, I hope you don't mind a few typed letters! They're still super personal, I just want to get quick replies out yo all of my beloved friends!


From Melissa in Hawaii! GORG handwriting!

Postcard from Ammy in Singapore! I love it!

Ammy always writes such great postcards and letters! It always amazes me how much writing she can get on a postcard! hahaha. And look at the lovely stamp! I love animal stamps! :D

Next is from Abbye! :) Such a gorgeous Paris notecard! She included two postcards along with her great letter and one was also of Paris! She already knows me so well!

Here is one from the wonderful Teresa in Canada! Her baby, Myles, will soon be born and I am SO EXCITED for her!!!

Look at her little stickers showing Scooter and my new tortoise (whenever I get him!)

A letter from Elaine! Pretty stationary!

Then I recieved a great letter from Miki in Japan...


And lastly, but CERTAINLY not least...a postcard (that she took herself!) from Sabine in Nicaragua!

And that's it for you folks! Have a happy Sunday! I'll have more substantial things to say later, i promise!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful mail!! Thanks for sharing! -Juliana

Yoshi said...

Hello, lovely lady :D I got your package today and absolutely love everything you sent ❤ Thank you so much!!! ❤


Robyn said...

HI Kendra,
hope you are doing ok, havent heard from you in quite awhile. Let me know if corresponding is too much for you right now, I'll understand.

Lady Kay said...

Don't worry, Robyn! I'm alive! I've just been a tad busy these past few weeks but it's calming down a bit!

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