Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who likes giveaways? I LIKE GIVEAWAYS!

Time for another one! YAY! This time, I'm going to give one lucky person a chance to win a packet of awesome monstermango goodies!

The winner will receive....

Some donut earrings, a fabulous bag charm, and an adorable necklace! (NOTE: The earrings shown are not the ones you will get! Equally as cute, though! I was just too lazy to take a photo! And the links are too similar items! You will win the exact necklace and exact charm shown below as well as a few pairs of delish earrings!)

How do you enter? Well, I'll tell you!

- Comment with a favorite item or two from her shop.
- Comment with something you might like to see her make!

-Post about this giveaway on your blog! - Tell me your favorite sweet!
- Tell me where you might wear all these goodies!

OH! I totally forgot to say that for each question, you will receive one entry!


TMC said...

I love the little raccoon with a bonnet.
I love woodland animals so something with a squirrel or deer would be fun.
My favourite sweet is Werther's hard candies.
I'd wear these goodies to work! I work in a corporate environment and sometimes like to sneak in some cute and whimsy in the form of accessories.

Marina said...

My favorite item is pink macaroon ring but everything is so cute.

I would love to see something with blue butterflies.

My favorite sweet is Kinder Bueno :)

I would wear these everywhere - to work, to town, for a walk.. :)

p.s. great giveaway :)

Felicia said...

Those earrings are super cute! I like the Oreo cookie earrings in her store. I would wear them if I was in a fun mood. I think that she should make some things with little kitties. I love kitties. And my favorite sweet is ice cream. :)

Bree said...

My favourite item from is the Orange macaroon and chocolate bag/purse charm! I would love to see her make Japanese sushi earrings/charms! I would wear all those goodies when I go out with my friends and to college even! My favourite sweet is Jujyfruits! I love chewy and gummy candies! :D

Yoshi said...

Hahaaa :D I'll enter too ^-^

-My favorite item from the shop is the Korilakkuma necklace. Second are the Mamegoma earrings ❤
- I would like to see her make a Bean Bear necklace ❤ that must be so cute XD :D
- It is posted on my blog (just for you!!❤)
- My favorite sweets are "Milchschnitten" ❤
- I would wear all these goodies whenever I go somewhere special like a birthday party or so. Or whenever I feel like wearing something so sweet ❤ So... often XD

Yoshi said...

i like giveaways to,my favorite item is cupcake earrings with green,i would like to see her make a high heels shoes earrings,my favorite sweet is ice cream,i would wear all these goodies if i hangout with my friend or boy friend

JEN said...

My favorites from her shop are the chocolate cupcake earrings- I especially love the one with white frosting and pink sprinkles. Cute!

I think that something related to kitties would be cute.

My favorite sweet is chocolates :)

I would definitely wear these out on the weekends, especially if I was wearing a coloful, fun outfit.

Thanks for the great giveaway! <3

Anonymous said...

My favourites are the mamegoma earrings and the little choc cupcakes. They look YUMMY!

I think candy corn stuff would be cute!

Awesome giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I like the mini cookie earrings best, but there is so much cute stuff to choose from :)

I would like to see some cotton candy dangling earrings or Oreo cookies :D

My favorite sweets is chocolate with strawberry chunks and vanilla flavor

I might wear these things when going out with friends :)

I have reblogged the giveaway here:

G. said...

from the shop I love the macaroon necklace <3

I'd love to get these earrings! so cute : )
I'd definitely wear it every day :D
my favourite sweet? lollipops!

nadox said...

-i like the Macaroon and cookie bag/purse charm or key chain in pink tones

-i'd love to see a panda ^^

- my favorite sweet is chocolate =)

-i'd wear this every day

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