Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday. :/

It's going to be a bad day (I will explain in another post.) but I did get some new exciting things!

I planted some lettuce seeds that should have been planted in the winter, but since California doesn't currently know what season it is (it's raining!), I decided I would try and plant them in a little contain in my room! I planted a bunch of seeds in a small bento container that I knew I would never use (and also stole some of my dad's planting soil, haha.) and just started watering and look what popped up in about a week!

I'm planning on growing them more and then putting them in with our vegetable garden once it warms up!

Today I also bought a specific bulb for Scoot's habitat and some cool new pens that I'm going to try! Not going to lie...I bought them because they are perdy and Uniball Signos...mostly because they're perdy colored. ;)

So, here's some mail! These two went out today along with a package of Skittles and an American flag pin to a girl in Lithuania.

To Belen:

To DeeDee:

And a few incoming things! Well, really just one. The second piece was a pen pal who I thought was fantastic and we got on well...I really enjoyed her letters. Well, she said we could no longer pen pal anymore because she'd rather write her pen pals she's been writing for a longer time. I understand, but I was still upset.

Anywho, check out this lovely letter from Marie in Germany! Isn't the stationary cute?! And the paper inside matches! And how adorable is her seal address label? her handwriting is lovely as well. :) And as always, I am STUPIDLY jealous of her washi tape! i wish I could afford some! :/

NOW, what would a ladykayy post be without tortoise pictures? These are from last night when I re-did his temporary enclosure. :) He enjoyed it quite a bit!

How cute are tortoise feets?!

I'm not sure what look this is...I think it's the "Mom, get that damn camera out of my face!" Goodness, he needs a beak trim...

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Marina said...

Sorry about that other penpal :( That happened to me two times, I really liked that person a lot and after few letters they just said that they have to stick with their older penpals.. Bummer :D

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