Sunday, March 4, 2012

Since it's Sunday....

Time to post some tortoise photos! I think i might make sundays 'Tort-Day' since there is no mail!

These guys are obviously not my tortoises, and the photos are via a tortoise forum. The owners own and breed these massive giants. This particular tortoise is named 'Cowboy' and he is an Aldabra Tortoise. These guys are a species of giant tortoises similar to Galapagos Tortoises.

Here he is! Tell me you don't go, "Awwwwe," when you see these photos! Also, this again confirms that tortoises nap!

I'm so excited that it's warm today because Scooter is getting his first natural sun light since about October! :D

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Limner said...

I feel so sad for the big guy. He looks like ET, doesn't he? Wish I could rescue him and release him back home. His home. *sigh*

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