Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God, I love Mondays!

I was so excited to see great mail in my mailbox on Monday! Unfortunately, today didn't bring ANYTHING. Literally, NOTHING. Just our ads!

This is how Scoot feels about no-mail Tuesdays... *snore*

Look how annoyed he looked after I woke him up! haha.

I received a few things and sent a few things out! This one went out to Severine in Tokyo! I love large memos! I wish I had more! I was feeling sparkly, can you tell?

And incoming! then I will show your my gardening!

From the lovely Arwen!

From a new pal in Sweden who emailed me after she read this blog! :D Always so exciting!

How neato are the stamps she used?!?!

Lots of baby goodness from Teresa!

And on to the planty goodness! My lettuce is growing magnificently, my new lettuce has begun sprouting, and my hollyhock has just one tiny sprout! It popped up today! So exciting!

Teeeeeeeny little sprout!

Also, is it horrible that I've gone through a 3 pound bag of Haribo Gummy Bears in two days? Probably. I practically feel them packing on to my buttocks!


Tari said...

Aww, these Swedish stamps are damn awesome! I fell in love with them ^^"

Almantina said...

Scooter as cute as always.
All the lovely mail <3
and it looks like real spring in your room :) I should plant my seeds a s well.

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