Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday, friday, friday!

I haven't been feeling too hot today, so I just now woke up from a nap! Our hot water heater broke tonight, too, but my cousin's great husband is driving 2 hours here to install a new one for us! Yay!

Yesterday, I applied at a pet shop for a sales job and I'm so anxious to hear form them and I hope I do! I think I will call tomorrow and check on my application status, but I want the job so badly! I feel like i need to work now. Plus, I've got bills, postage to buy, a vet appointment for Scooter to pay for (don't worry, just a beak trim!), and I also want to start a 'crabitat'! What is a 'crabitat' you ask? it's a home for land hermit crabs! :D I won't be able to do so until i get a job, though. I also want to build a larger house for Scooter as well! plus, come Spring, I may be getting an African Sulcata tortoise, so I have to prepare for that!

Anywho, guess I should get on to the mail, huh? I sent out these pieces today. :)

I sent out this rather long letter plus goodies to Miss. Jennifer!

I didn't take a photo of the other I sent but it was nothing fancy! BUT it was in one of my new vellum envies! YAY!

I also made an oversized kawaii ATC (artist trading card.) today and sent it out to a special someone! I think it turned out nice. :D

And thennnn...I have to post this AMAZING package I got from one of my lovely, lovely pals, Ashley! She heard/read about me wanting air mail envelopes and she sent me THIRTY of them! Plus some more Canadian air mail stickers!

Here's the package it came in and the awesome stamps!

And I also wanted to show you guys my new 'Inspiration Wall' extensions! I'm slowly adding to it! Couldn't afford a bigger cork board, so I managed! haha.

Well, that's it for today! Picking up a couple fish and a larger fish tank (not by much.) to use for my starter crabitat eventually!


sherixfirefly said...

I love seeing mail, but I have a crazy phobia of paisley pattern, you should've heard me squeal! ;)

Almantina said...

Maaaaany air mail envelopes and stickers. Wow ^^

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