Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14th.

I had a terrible time sleeping, similar to the past few days, but I was up early-ish and even did some more planting! I rolled up my pant legs and ran out to dig some planting soil out of my dad's stash. I've planted hollyhock, lettuce, pansies, and more lettuce (thatwas planted earlier.). Here's a photo! they are in order from left to right! And look how much more the lettuce has sprouted!

Now! On to the mail! I received an always wonderful package from Ammy! It was such a surprise! I'm putting something together for her, too!

Can you see the face in the envelope? And the cityscapes inside of it?

And check out the goodies!! Here is the whole thing wrapped up and perdy!

I guess I could have taken a group shot of all of the goodies, but they were so great that I wanted to put them up individually!

First, the adorable notebook! I might make it into a traveling journal!

Ammy says that the next two postcards a show Singapore in the early 1900's!

And here is Singapore currently!

Cool temporary tattoos. Funny because I have two real rose tattoos that are similar to this!

Check out the other fun postcards she included. :) I love them!

And here is her little note! Such a cute post-it and I LOVE the Polaroid themed notecard!

Such a fun package! I'm off for soup Wednesday at my parent's church! I don't like the crowd, so I will probably spent my time in the 'cry room' writing Maria's letter!

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Marina said...

I love love love that postcard with a cat!! It's same like my cat :D

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