Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Monday.

Well, it's Monday and I think I may have done fabulous on my Astronomy mid-term! On the bad side, Tuesday....well, Tuesday is going to be a horrid, horrid day for me. You'll all find out why when I post tomorrow. Anywho, lets lighten things up with some Scooter photos and then get on to the mail, shall we?

Here he is when he thought he could climb a paper bag yesterday...

And here he is attempting to escape the pen that I feed him in...

And some more escaping from said feeding pen...

And finally, some enjoyment in the feeding pen!

NOW TO THE MAIL!! I sent out about 2 weeks worth of mail because I had it backed up, hence why there is so much!


And here's the incoming for today! It was a great mail day!

I received an awesome package (and also a letter!!) from Miss. DeeDee AKA TEO Stationary! I got to check out her new (and adorable!) "Frasier & Xena" stationary set! Such a super cute new collection! I love it! And oh my goodness...the envelopes, oh, the envelopes!

ENVELOPES! How can you resist? I would buy JUST her envelopes! *drools*

How cute are the drawings?!

And here is the letter! Equally as fab!

How did she know I LOVED Chanel? I'm not really sure, but I loved the envelope. So, Chanel AND vellum envelopes? LOVE? I think so! She even included some vellum envelopes for me AND cute stickers! Some are even Paris themed! A girl after my own heart!

She used really neat Diamond Jubilee stamps too! :)

Diana sent me a lovely postcard as a thank-you for participating in her traveling journal. :)

Next, I got a fab postcard and letter from Bethany! I'm just showing the postcard though. :) I wish I could have gone to the San Diego Zoo when I visited! :(

I also received a great letter and some goodies (envelopes again! YAY!) from Miss. Bree!

Awesome stamps!

How cute are these envies?

And last, but not least, a letter from Rose! :D


JEN said...

It looks like you had an awesome mail day, Kendra. You sent out so much mail!And might I say that I absolutely love, love, love the mail art on Bree's envelope. So cute!

I know you said that Tuesday won't be a good day, and I think I have a gut feeling of why *hugs* just know that a letter will be on its way to you within the next couple of days, and that I'm here if you need me!

Deedee Ishii said...

So glad you like the f&x stationery Kendra, I was pretty sure you'd like those envies too haha!!!
Looking forward to your letter as usual:)

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