Monday, October 1, 2012


Unfortunately, being me, I completely blanked on photographing the rest of my outgoing mail, but I have lots of various things that are going to be shown on this post!

Up first are my purchases this week! :D

As some of you may know, I am a COMPLETE nail polish freak! And on a whim, I went into my favorite beauty supply store and found this polish on sale! It's from the brand 'China Glaze' and is called 'Kalahari Kiss' from their Safari line. Funky, right?

Now here is my swatch and then here is an even prettier swatch from Polishaholic's blog!

Bought some stamps! I went for the older 'Louisiana' stamps mostly because it was really busy and the people behind me were getting annoyed with how long I was taking...

I always like when they give me those little vellum sleeves to put the stamps in!

THENNNN....I picked up some more pain chips! Free, of course! Along with some toothpaste and a new tooth brush, but you guys probably don't want to see that! haha.

Oh, and I spied some Hello Kitty footie pajamas in my size but I somehow managed to resist buying them!


To a special someone! I LOVE MOOMIN!

To my new friend Nicole!

Now for incoming!

From my lovely Jojo!

She informed that if you place your stamp upside down, it means "I love you." How cool is that?!

And sent me a friendship bracelet that I will never take off! I LOVE friendship bracelets!

A awesome FISHY letter from Tehren!

And she sent me cute notecards!

Elaine sent me a lovely postcard from Japan!

A gorgeous purple-y letter from Sabine! Love the dot stamps!

And just for fun...something I saw at the store! They're stickers!

And lastlyyyy...I want to share my new hair! I had it cut and Brenna (my very closest friend outside of an envelope!) colored it a bit! I love it! Even if it is a bit short. :/

Well, that's it for today! How has everyone been? Are you getting excited for Lovely Letters?


Bree said...

Yay! I love Moomin too! Cool stamps and exciting incoming mail! :D

Anonymous said...

Cute haircut!! And i love the moomin card and the notecards!

Mi Joya said...

Hey Kendra!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
I love writing too!
I wish i could say yes, but i'm already way behind answering my penpals, cause i don't have time i'm afraid i have to say no :(
If only i could write letters all day long!!
Take care! x

Kelsey Chen said...

That nail polish is beautiful! I also love those stamps! My post office only has boring stamps. Did you get my letter yet?

Bubbleheart ♥ said...

Cute post. I'll write to you latter so we can be pen pals.

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