Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's five a.m. annnd...I am awake.

Yes, I said it. I, Lady Kay, am awake at five in the morning. Well, 5:40. I'm currently watching the news and they are saying that California (where I live, in case you guys didn't know. :P ) has the highest gas prices in the nation...Lovely. I'm regretting buying the 'fast' car instead of the hybrid car...

Anywho, shall we get to the mail? I've REALLY been lacking on photographing my outgoing letters, but here is one! It's my 'Lovely Letter' written to Helen in Australia!

Also, just so you guys know, I have created a Flickr group just for this project! :D Lovely Letters Flickr Group!

My first letter!

Another outgoing!

And now for some fab incoming mail!

From Miss. Tessa! :D How fun is that handmade envie?

From the lovely Lainey!

I love big stamps!

From Laura! How cute and fall-ey is that envie?

And SWEET (literally.) stationary complete with postcard! And she used a cute label one the envelope! For those who don't know, I'm obsessed with labels...And gorgeous postie!

From Vivian! Cute!

Look at the goodies!!! Washi tape strips! Eeeep! And cute stationary (which I have already used! I've used the 'to do' lists as well!

And last but not least, a letter from the lovely Sophie! SHE SENT ME BROWN ENVELOPES! And a Paris postcard!

Annnnnd, wrapping it up with a morning picture of Bella (aka Bellie.) curled up! It's finally cooling off here in Northern California!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of saving on fuel, my city is actually going to start installing electric car recharge stations. Now if only they would put those between here and the major cities, it might be possible to own an electric car!! I mean, did they forget they only go 100 miles? I am in love with the idea of having one ever since:

Who Killed the Electric Car?
& Revenge of the Electric Car!

If you want bang on riveting docudrama you should check those two films out! :)

... Until then, its 'fuel perk' scavengar hunts at the grocery store! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to put your Lovely Letter Flickr page link on both Kitty + Buck/Modern Buttercup's page devoted to Lovely Letters. The Introduction page as well as the Task #1 page. That way you might get more people to join you!

Savannah Storm said...

Your lovely letters entry looks good! I just sent mine today too (:

Anonymous said...

Rock on!
You made the Kitty + Buck blog!
Did you see?
An official shout-out for your Flickr group!

Lou La La said...

how are you petal xo

Ajjx said...

I just discovered your blog, and your pictures are so pretty!! It's awesome that you photograph all your beautiful mail.

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