Saturday, October 27, 2012


I wasn't sure I'd have the energy to post this, but I am anyways! I'm exhausted and sore after a personal emergency last night and bleck. Not going to get into that. Short story short, I sat in the emergency room with my best friend after she was assaulted at a Halloween party by a group of ten girls...So I've more or less been up for two days, so that means I couldn't take on of my night time medications (it knocks me out too hard and I had to be awake.), which results in absolutely horrendous body aches. Thank god my 17 year old brother is nice enough to re-fill my sodas for me! I'm finally catching up on my letters though! :D Here goes!

This puppy was sent out a whole ago...maybe a week? And me being me forgot to post the photo, haha. Oops!

My Lovely Letter to Helen! I'm super late, I know! I hope she'll forgive me!

To my favorite Fawnie!

From the lovely Anna! :D

A great letter from Blandine!

To Miss Abbye!

To dear Elaine!

To pretty Kiki! :D


And last, but not least, to Konstantina!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel... life just interferes with writing at times. Plumming issues, ER visits, ahh the woes keep stacking, eh? Equally shall I be happy when my letter for you is posted! :) I'm on the catch-up curve myself!

Yoshi said...

:((( I hope you feel better now. I'm worried :( Did you get some sleep already? And how's your friend?

Write me if you need to talk :)

Love you to bits

Lou La La said...

look forward to the mail lovely!sorry about your awful 2 days, i hope you recover soon and also that your friend is ok xo

Bree said...

Great outgoing! Have you sent mine yet? I'm looking forward to reading your letter! :D

Lou La La said...

Ill let Cheryl know you were asking after her :-)

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