Thursday, October 4, 2012

Magnets? You can never have too many souvenir magnets!

I've been collecting souvenir magnets for about a year or so and by now...I think I have over a hundred! I figured that it was about time I share my largest collection with you guys! Plus, I really needed something to take my mind off of Scooter, so I thought this would be a nice idea. I'm really, really missing him right now...Anyways, my whole plan is to have an awesome collection to display on my fridge in my first apartment! Originally, I kept them stuck to my metal desk, but then I ran out of room so now they unfortunately are stored under my bed in a box. :( Almost all of these I have swapped for, but a lot of them were also sent to me by friends! I'm very proud of them all! I'm not going to show you them all, but I'll show you the various types as well as some favorites!

Here is the whole lot, housed in a 'Blowfish' boot box! Fits perfectly under my bed!

Of course, Paris first, since I'm obsessed with Paris! ANYTHING Paris! I just love it all!

Kazakhstan and Melaka!

Washington D.C. and Quebec rubber names! Love this style!

New York! The two large ones are from my mom's last trip and the small one was sent from a friend!

Scotland and Denmark rubber magnets. Again, love rubber mangnets!


Canada and Seattle flat magnets!

Tahiti (gecko!), Spain, and two Canadian rubber ones!

Rhodes and Sardinia flip flops!

I love this Toronto one!

Matroyshka dolls (which I also collect in general!) and Dutch clogs!

Wales! Another favorite!

And lastly, some US ones! Standard state flat magnets with facts about the state pictures and three magnets from Hawaii! I love the sea turtle and Hello Kitty one!

What do ya'll think? Do any of you collect souvenir magnets? Do you actually keep them on your fridge?

Oh! And on an un-related note, is there anyone who would be willing to do a small swap? I have a friend ranting and raving about how amazing Stroopwafels are and I would kill to try one!

OH! And also another un-related thing! I making custom address labels again! Shoot me an email if you guys are interested and I will send you some samples! :D


shannah said...

cute magnets. Haven't we exchanged mail before?

Lady Kay said...

Hmmm, not that I know of! I found your blog via another blog. :)

shannah said...

Oh. I remember writing to a Kay once. Whose blog did you find me on?

Lady Kay said...

I can't quite remember...I was doing some major blog-surfing, but it was off another mail blog.

Oh, and 'Kay' isn't my full name, so you may have, it just wasn't me. :)

Lil' Kay said...

I don't really collect souvenir magnets but little by little I've started receiving those from my friends and pals as they tend to travel around Europe.. In half a year I've already received 3 magnets from Paris! Not to mention the other magnets they've sent me..
Too bad I don't really keep those on my fridge as I don't fully trust my flatmates so I've left those at my parents' place and they keep those on the fridge door and on this metal door where they put all of the postcards they receive :)

Alex said...

Wow you got some beautiful magnets there! I also have a few but only from the places I have visited...and we do keep them on our fridge. :)
You're going to need a biiiiiiig fridge in your first apartment! ;-)

The New Girl In Town said...

Wow how many do you have?:P
Always a nice souvenir a magnet!

Lady Kay said...

New Girl - I think I have over a hundred! :)

Alex - at some point (you know, when I actually get to travel...) I'm going to get special ones from there, too!

Lil' Kay - That's also why I don't have them on my fridge, lol. Two little brothers who don't care!

Beth F. said...

Awesome collection! I don't collect magnets, but I collect shot glasses. Anytime someone goes some where I ask them to bring me one or they just get it anyway, lol. Unfortunately the majority of them are boxed up right now because I don't have some where to display them.

Cindy said...

I have quite an extensive magnet collection--but not on purpose! When I had my first apartment, the one thing I forgot to pack with me was a magnet so I guess I got a little obsessive about finding some which my friends took to mean that I loved them. And little by little various friends have traveled and brought me back magnets from all over. At one point I did have them covering my entire fridge, but not anymore. There were just too many! I couldn't put up anything besides magnets on the fridge, so now most of mine are in a box too :(

Bilal Qureshi said...

Fantastic collection, we have a FaceBook group of magnet collectors, if you are interested, I can send you the link too...Best Wishes

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