Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday! :) [LOAD WARNING!]

Oye vaye, this is a long overdue post! I have been SO busy lately! But I'm starting to have a more normal work schedule so expect much more! I'm planning on raffling off the book that I've got up for giveaway here in a few days so make sure you enter!

Lets begin, shall we? :D

An awesome package from Loulou! I've already got the calendar up!

Cute phone charm!!!

A beautiful packet from Linda! I'm saving that top quote (with the cursive!) for my 'save this for a later possible tattoo' pile.

From Juliana! my first piece of fall mail!

From Karyn!

I'm basically in love with this stamp!

From Miss. Abbye! Doesn't that photo look like a postcard? (I've got that air freshener up in my car along with this!)

My first letter from my Lovely Letters partner! That is an aerogram! Awesome, right?

From Vanessa! I've got that keychain on my keys! :)

From Kiki! Monstermango earrings are my favorite thing ever! She knows me so well!

Kiki's packaging is always amazing! This is minus the pink bubble wrap!

She sent me envelopes! I've already used almost all of them!

A surprise package from DeeDee full of her stationary designs!!!

A lovely letter from Becky!

A GORGEOUS postie from Nina! So pretty! Her letter went out, but I forgot to photograph it!

Lastly...a swap package from Kira! She blew me away! It had more candy in it, too, buuuuttttt...I demolished (with the help of my black licorice loving boss!) it at work! That little orange box had gummy candies in it that I fell in love with!

Look at all that Moomin-y goodness!

How appropriate is this postcard?

I wanted to show the name of the teas! Super fun!

Lol. "Londen"

Last but not least...A MIDSUMMER TIGHT'S DREAM ARRIVED! I read it all in one sitting! Now to wait for Louise Rennison to release the next one! :D

PHEW! Lots of incoming photos! I don't have photos of my outgoing ones unfortunately! I'm lazy, I know!


Bree said...

Awesome mail! The calendar Lou sent me is also on my desk right now! And all the Moomin stuff you received make me feel so envious of you! :D

Anonymous said...

I love the moomin stuff too! Are those stamp stickers?? So cute! And i have these "Londen" stickers too - and one that says "von voyage" (instead of bon voyage)!


Lou La La said...

Hehee! Hello! Nice to see the mail has arrived. Hope you're okay my love xo

Nina said...

Wow, so much great mail again!! I love the big parcel from Finland!!! Awesome!!
Glad you like the postcard. ;) And I am soo looking forward your letter!! <3

Vane said...

wow!! you have received lots of great stuff, I'm glad you are using the keychain!! :-)

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