Monday, June 24, 2013

What's in my letter-writing kit?

Figured I would show off what I took with me on vacation! Keep in mind, this was a ten day trip and I brought a LOT more with me than I would have on any other vacation! I'm very well known for over-packing and I definitely did this time BUT I didn't have to run out and buy anything, so that was good at least! Well, except stamps. Somehow or another, I forgot to buy those pre-trip...Anywho, here goes! Oh, and I fit this all, with room to spare, in a regular two section Jansport backpack.

Here is the whole lot together! Ignore the field notes notebooks! Also, the 'loose leaf' paper is a no-name paper that I got from my local Japanese market! The pouch is one that I previously showed.

What is inside of all those ziplock bags, you ask? First off, let's talk about the ziplock baggies! I ended up choosing these (and the plastic blue box, which is also a no-name item from the same market.) for organization because they were simple light, and see-through in case TSA hassled me!

I managed to fit all of my washi tapes, a roll of standard clear tape, a stick-glue, as well as three packages of various stationery in two baggies.

The blue box-y thing is just a simple locking plastic folder-type thing and inside that, I kept a few spare pens as well as the letters I was responding to, letters I was working on, some spare memo sheets, and some stickers.

And inside the plastic airmail pouch, you ask? PENS AND LABEL GOODIES!

Included up there in the pen lot are a buuuunch of Pilot G2's in various points and colors, a Pilot B2P (I had like five more but I'm not sure where they went for this photo...), several Unibal Signos, two different types of Sharpie pens, a Sharpie marker, a Pilot Choose...And then later on in the trip, I added in four Pilot B2P rollerballs!

I also had a bunch of random stuff includes...various types of labels, things to stick in, some stickers, a few different types of cards in case I wanted something different...Just a bunch of randoms! Also inside that pouch were some of the postcards that I purchased!

So there ya have it! I carry WAY too much with me! In hindsight, I wish I had packed lighter, but at least I was prepared? OH! I also carried a regular old clipboard with me, too!

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