Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hey guys! Long time no write! I'm currently on vacation now in Michigan and plan on write and sending quite a bit of mail! Right now, I'm in Ann Arbor, MI, but last night we went into Ohio and the then tomorrow we're headed to Traverse City, MI where we will stay until the 22nd! I've got all my supplies and backed up letters and plan on cranking them out while up there! Here are some photos so far! If you aren't already following me, follow me on Instagram where I'm always posting and am also cataloging the trip! 

Lake Tahoe in the distance.

Our view, the inside of the plane, and my youngest brother and dad.

We had a layover in Las Vegas and they had LIVE cactus magnets! I plan on grabbing a cactus of some sort on our trip back home.

Our AWESOME rental car! We want one so bad for home!

It has a Texas license plate, haha. 

Part of the reason we are in Michigan is because it's my great aunt and uncle'a 50th wedding anniversary! They are two of the most amazing people I know! Anyways, they chose vintage toys that their children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews all played with! So cute! Each 
Table had a different toy! 
And I was going to show you our hotel room but I sort of deleted the photo after I posted it on Instagram. :/ but here's something more exciting for me! Both my ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox have shipped and should be waiting for me when I get home! Woohoo!!!

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