Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How am I even awake?

Well, it's 5:27am back home which is 8:27am up here in Michigan andddd...IM AWAKE! On purpose! Haha. Just sitting here with a peppermint mocha and enjoy the news and lovely views from the windows of the cabin-ish house we are all staying in. Turns out, though, that for a 7 bedroom home (that supposedly sleeps 26...definitely not.), it's rather small! So my parents, brothers, and grandma are going to be migrating over to a hotel and spending the days here at the cabin with the rest of the family.

Yesterday we visited what used to be the Northern Michigan State Hospital, which was a mental institution. Usually, I would not have even stepped foot on the grounds of a building with such a negative past but it turns out that my grandmother worked at the hospital for three months during her nursing training in the 50's! So we went back (and brought her of course!) so she could see it as whatnot. Now the hospital has been turned into shops, restaurants, condos, and office space. We went when the shops were all closed (boo!!) but it was still an eerie feeling walking through the lower halls...it was kind of surreal knowing that if I had been how I was/suffered from my disorders in the 50's or before, I would possibly have been out there. My cousin and I stood looking out the window both talking about how terrible patients must have felt looking out those same windows. But enough of that! Here are a few photos! I wish I had taken more/better ones! 

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