Saturday, June 22, 2013

An addition to my must-have pens!

I was browsing Meijer yesterday and came across a new to me pen! Again, it's by Pilot and is in the b2p range but I strayed away from my usual gel b2p/G2 and thought I'd give the rollerball a chance... And I  LOVE IT! They are very much like my beloved black and white 'Bic Stick Med' black pens! I tend to stray away from rollerballs and actually grabbed them by mistake but decided to give them a go. Well worth the $3.99 for a 4-pack! I picked them up in the black medium 1.0 point size.

They all have a wet usable grippy that doesn't get in the way!

My three go-to pens, not including my Marvy le pens, Staedtler tri-plus fineliners, Stabilo 88's, and Uniball Signos (in various sizes!). I try not to use those guys as much as I do the Pilot pens because I only have one or two of each with the exception of my set of Staedler fineliners.

Hopefully these photos don't need to be re-sized! If so, I'll do it when I get home! I'm working off my Blogger iPhone app at the moment!

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