Monday, February 11, 2013

For Sale: Hermes 3000 Typewriter

Yes, you read it correctly. I am (as of this exact second!) putting my lovelier than love Hermes 3000 CURSIVE typewriter up for sale. I never thought I would need to do it, but bills need to be paid and my animals (photos coming soon of new adoptees.) need to be fed! A girl has to do what a girl has to do!
Honestly, this whole situation makes me want to cry, so this is going to be short and sweet.

Vintage Hermes 3000 Typewriter. Seafoam Green. Made in Switzerland. Types in CURSIVE. Brand new ink ribbon installed by me. Works perfectly! Comes WITH case and original manual and brush.

Shipping depends on where you are and I am willing to ship internationally at purchaser's expense.

Please refer to this post for photos!

Please email me directly if you are interested! I will probably be listing her on eBay as well.


Anonymous said...

i already sent you an e-mail about this.
wow, i can not believe you are selling it

tamilyn said...

Hello, just wondering if you have found a home for this lovely typewriter?

Just Jan said...

If this typewriter is still available, would you email me at Thank you!

emma.thegoodlife said...

Hi Lady Kay, it must be difficult giving up something you love. Hope you're feeling better now.

Cheer up :)

(from Singapore who is waiting patiently to own my Hermes 3000 cursive some day.)

J.Y XU said...

Hi, don't know if the hermes 3000 still available, would you email me at thank you so much!

Alva Lee said...

Still available? Email me thank u.

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