Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not much is going on. :/

It's shameful of me to say, but I haven't been putting out much mail! But I did take some photos of my day that I thought I would also share! This post was originally going to be on what I got for Christmas but I decide to not post on that today...Would you guys like to see what I got? Or should I just forget the idea altogether?

Anywho, mail first! Just a few pieces of outgoing today!

To my prison pen pal, Jeffrey! I mentioned in this post why I send him various postcards!:

He decorates each envelope when he writes! here's a snap of part of one of them!

To Sandra!

And to Marta! Such a boring one, I know. :/ I need to get back into mail art! I've just been so tiiiiired!

And lastly, some photos from my week so far! Started a letter...

Headed out to start my day...

Stocked up on BabyLips! (yes, I have a problem.)

Wore my new earrings!

Took a break and looked through my calendar (thanks TMC!) after using some hand sanitizer...no idea why I took the photo!

Had a 'break date' with my co-worker...Yum! We ordered a bit too much food but it was tasty!

And lastly, cleaned up (that's Allie, my co-worker...) and headed home!


Jennifer said...

Your prison pen pal seems so nice, beautiful envelopes he makes ^.^

Shia said...

Hi Kendra,

I love the letter your prison friend decorates. It looks like he's into calligraphy too. I saw how he wrote your name. A lot of effort went into that.

Did you get my e-mail I sent on Sunday (Jan 20)?

Juliana said...

Thanks for all the pics :) Yes, post what you got for Christmas :)

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