Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's in my bag?

Yup, title says it all! Ya'll get to see what is in my purse! Now on to the photos! oh wait, there are none! I MADE A VIDEO! Can you believe it? ME. Making a video. Crazy right? But anyways, here it is! Please don't mind the quality or how not nice I look! OH! And I've randomly jumped on the Twitter and Instagram bandwagon! (Late, as usual.) Follow me! Links are in the side bar! Oh damn. I am so irritated with myself right now. I recorded the video sideways. Well, I guess you'll get a video next time! :/

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Juliana said...

You make me laugh! I look forward to the video :) And don't worry about being late...I don't even have facebook. I *just got pinterest a couple months ago... :)

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