Saturday, November 24, 2012

One, two, three, HIATUS BE GONE!

I AM ALIVE! And it is 6:15am, haha. Haven't slept yet! Oopsies! And I'm currently Whatsapp-ing with one of my besties from Austria! Anywho, I have been SERIOUSLY slacking on the whole mail post front! Argh! I promise there won't be many more hiatuses in this blog's future! In fact, I'm in the beginning stages of planning a very specific letter event (not a social, an organized exchange event, haha.)as well as some more non-mail related posts and bits and bobs of my own life!

In fact, I just now (no, seriously, JUST NOW...) decided to show off a few daily life photos! Please try not to pass out at the site of my bedroom! My bedside table is where I keep supplies that I need all the time and after I post this, I'll be doing an overhaul on it! (I need to kill time before the Dollar Store and Post Office Opens so I can go and buy stamps and packing mailers!

My view from where I am sitting! SO MESSY!

My mess of a bedside table...Perhaps there will be a before and after photo? haha.

Aaaand my new baby! A new handbag! Gotta love Black Friday deal! It was super cheap!

OKAY! Enough blabbering! MAILLLLL TIIIIIME! I'm afraid I got a bit caught up in work there for a bit(preparing for the holidays...retail....) but I'm back and ready to scribble!

So...without further adieu...Outoing! Small, I know, but I forgot to photograph a phew...

To Miss. Arwen! :D

Green robo-aliens off to Bee!

And last but not least! Air mail to Sarah!

Now for the incoming....DRUMROLL PLEASEEEE....

Kiki! And look at what she sent along in another package! She knows me SO well! I'm in the middle of picking out goodies to send her. :) Air mail envies, brown kraft envies, washi tape bits, labels and...wait for it...HELLO KITTY TAPE!

THE TAPE AND ENVIES! I may or may not have just drooled.

RIGHT?! Most cutest thing ever?!

Check out this gorg envelope/packet Coby sent! It's BEAUTIFUL! I love the papers she chose and all the creativity! Makes me want to give it a go!

Details?! And stamps! SO PRETTY!

Le back!

The stamps...

You thought that was all, too? Outside of the awesome letter she enclosed...she also sent me a postcard! AND she was kind enough to put a little dot next to where she lives! :D

Here's a lovely note from Loulou! I expect that by the time she gets my reply, she'll be a new momma! You know what that excuse to go baby clothes shopping!!!

Look what she sent me! A LUCKY PENNY!

Next is from my beloved Jojo!

Check out all the goodies! She she sent me one of the neatest, prettiest Friendship Books I've ever seen! I won't be showing that though for her privacy. :)

Celine! I have to say, her name is definitely on my list of top favorite female names! :) And I LOVE her Disney stationary! The tea she sent along looks interesting, too! I've never been a fan of green tea, but it looks rather fancy so I think I'll give it a go! haha.

A lovely letter with a SUPER colorful postie and a cute magnetic bookmark!

Stamps! :D

And last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST....a SUUUUPER colorful letter from Elisabeth! I squued a bit at the mailbox when I pulled it out!

Well! That's it for today, folks! I've got some more stuff to do today and I want to clean up my cave (as my parents call it...) a bit before!


Kociara said...

Hello :)
Have you got letter from me? I send if long time ago...

lipton|TEE said...

Lovely mail and I love that purse! Did you see the comment I left on your letter set post?

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