Monday, November 26, 2012

Deep Letters Correspondence Project

Just an update! I'm so glad that you guys are joining my project! The deadline for signing up will be January 10th, 2013! I want to give you plenty of time to enter if you haven't already!

Hello there, from chilly Sacramento! How is everyone tonight? (I still need to post that video...urghhh.). I've got a treat for you tonight! I've decided to launch a new project called 'Deep Letters'. It's a letter exchange with a twist! How do I explain this? Hmm...Well, it's obviously for exchanging deep letters!

What do I mean by 'deep letters', you ask? Well, in my head it all makes sense, but I'm not sure how to describe it. This exchange is geared towards those of us who suffer from emotional or psychiatric issues! I've always found that it is much easier to confide in someone who has similar 'problems' (I prefer to call them quirks!) as me, so this will hopefully link you up with someone who is looking for that same deep friendship that I am so glad to have in my life already! Does any of that make sense?

Anywho, this project will concist of a few prompt ideas to nudge you in the right direction, but you have full reign over what you want to tell or hold back! Send what you like, write about you like, and open up to someone who will understand. :) You could talk about something like a rough break up or (like me.) talk about disorders that you get through each day!

So yes! There it is! I'm going to leave it open for joining until we get a few people, but if you're interested, please email me (email in sidebar.) with the following form filled out!

Full mailing address:
Five things about you:

Happy Almost-Tuesday!


phonelady said...

I love this idea absoloutly love it ... this is awesome .

TMC said...

Fantastic idea! Email sent!

Anonymous said...

i love this idea. i already sent you an e-mail

LiudmilaMilaya said...

It's interesting!!! I'll join

Samantha said...

Oh I missed the deadline :(

Lady Kay said...

You're welcome to write me if you like! :)

Samantha said...

Would be handy if I had seen reply.
Sending email now xx

Samantha said...

Not sure if you received my email. Cant access my work email now :(

LiudmilaMilaya said...

I've sent my letter but have got nothing

AnNa said...

never got anything either

Lady Kay said...

Please email me if you have not received anything!

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