Saturday, June 9, 2012


I am finally able to share some of my outgoing mail with your guys! These past few days were a bit busy for me. The night before last, I couldn't sleep so I was practically a zombie all day at work yesterday and then conked out at about 10:30pm last night which is SUPER early for me! Anywho, before I show off the incoming and outgoing, I want to show you my resent purchase! I've become completely OBSESSED with nail polish recently! I love it! I prefer to have nice looking nails because I work in retail and one of the first things a customer see is your HANDS! Anyway, back on topic...I BOUGHT A HUNGER GAMES NAIL POLISH! I saw it while in a beauty supply store looking for nail art materials (which I ended up not coming home with by the way...grr.) and I have TO get it! Meet...China Glaze 'Fast Track'! note, this photo is not mine and comes from this website!

Is that not just beautiful? It's a darker nude-ish color with a bit of gold glitter! I'm only allowed to wear nudes, pinks, or reds (and anything in between) due to my company policies, but this one has definitely taken the cake over my other polishes! I don't even need to art it up at all! Unfortunately, most of the other colors the store had were the dark colors. :( I'm definitely into a couple of the other lighter nude colors, but these were a bit expensive so I'll probably stick to just this one!


Oh! This is mail related, actually! I picked up a sheet of the new Disney themed postage stamps! I'm not a collector, so you folks will see these beauties on your letters! How cute! These awesome themes tend to sell out really fast at the post office, so I jumped at them while I was mailing a package out the other day.

Isn't the Nemo and friends stamp just precious?

Okay, NOW on the the mail, haha. I'll do my outgoing first. :)

One to Sarah in England.

One to Bee in Czech Republic!

One to Rose in Australia!

One to Felicia in Canada! Ignore the 'Epic Fail' and 'Fail' bits! My typewriter decided to act up and messed things up! I didn't want to waste a pretty notecard from a set my mom bought me. :)

One to Hannah in England!

Now for the incoming!

She colored it all on her own! So artistic!

How awesome is that envelope?

I love how Bree colors her envies!

I love these stamps!

Why doesn't the US make awesome funky shaped stamps like the one's on this letter?!

How fun is that? Multiple notecards! I'm reallllly fond of brown paper envelopes! :)

And that's it for today! I've got to get to the mailbox, work on a few letter and head in for a six hour work shift! Tomorrow is an 8 hour shift! I'd better wear my sneakers instead of flip-flops today and tomorrow! Eeeep!

OH! And make sure you guys enter my giveaway!!!

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Felicia said...

I LOVE FAST TRACK!!! I went super book/nailpolish geek and bought ALL of the Hunger Games polishes. Fast Track is one of my favorites. And I'm glad you enjoyed my letter! I can't wait to get your reply!

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