Sunday, July 7, 2013

July is here!

I can't believe that it's July already! July is one of my favorite months...probably because it's my birthday month! I'll be 22 years old on July 27 and I'm excited but also...not excited. Another year! Gah! Birthdays when I was a kid were always so much more exciting...Once I hit 18, everything kind of went 'blah'. Would anyone be willing to send me a birthday card or postcard? It would make my birthday so much more special!

But this month has already gotten off to a great start! Even if it was really hard getting out of my vacation funk... I quit my job selling workout clothing and got hired on at a new store that sell 'comfort shoes'! Yesterday I had my first day and it was SMASHING! I'm so excited to be working for another company! And I can wear Birkenstocks to work! :3

Some less than exciting news...Someone broke into my mail box! :( I'm assuming it happened on 4th of July when all of the fireworks were going off...Boo! I haven't picked up my mail in THREE days due to my work schedule! Hopefully I'll be able to grab it on people, PLEASE put in news doors!

I just this morning sent out two to Johanna and one to Lainey! Hopefully they arrive safely!


Lainey said...

Hi Kendra! I'm so excited to receive your letter. Thank you for replying. Have a great day at work ^_^

Yoshi said...

Lady I still didn't get any letter :( And you don't reply on what's app :(((

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