Saturday, April 27, 2013

Letters and Lip Balm

Welp, I have a few letters to show you! :) I'm slowly but surely trucking through my outgoing pile! I'm going to be having a LOT of days off now (because my company cut down my hours...not even going to get into that rant...) and I now will have at least three days off from work! Which means less paycheck, but more time for hobbies! Yay! And boo? I don't even know. In the meantime, I'm also looking for a full-time position somewhere but it is SO hard to find one! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for a position I applied for at a girls residential program! OH! Also, I am going to begin making custom address labels again! :) Anywho, here we go! Oh, also, one is not pictures but a letter went out to Fee B. as well! (Note: My 17 year old brother has been in the shower for a half an hour and my dad just walked into the bathroom yelling, "ARE YOU ALIVE IN THERE?!" Bahahaha.)

Incoming from Bee!

Two outgoing postcards, both to prison pen pals. Sorry about the glare on the Paris card!:

Letter to Bee:

And a letter to Anna!:

(If anyone is interested in vintage used stamps, let me know! I have hundreds!)

And lastly, I have something to confess....I am a lip balm addict. And I'm still collecting (and using them obsessively!) if anyone has access any interesting balms or lip butters!) The ridiculous part is that ALL of those are in my handbag! If you guys haven't tried the Nivea Lip Butters, YOU HAVE TO! I know they aren't available everywhere, so shoot me an email if you want to try one!

I'm buying back-ups now, too!

Oh! And I bought some c0olored Pilot G2's last night! Planning on going back for more! These puppies are my favorite pens EVER!


Caddi said...

I can imagine that the Nivea lip balm is amazing :) Growing up we always had Nivea cream for everything. I am using super expensive lip balms from Weleda, which usually I don't dare to buy due to the price, but luckily my mother sends them to me as a small gift sometimes. I don't like flavoured lip balms, so they are perfect for me.
As for the vintage used stamps - where did you get them? Whenever I try to buy used stamps here in Germany I only get the fairly new ones.
I hope you're good!

Lady Kay said...

Yeah those ones do look a bit pricey! I'm completely in love with the Nivea Lip Butters, haha.

And I got some from family and a lot of them at an estate sale. I also have a HUUUGE box full of someone's stamp collection that I bought at the same estate sale...It's literally 350 pages with stamps lightly stuck to them.

Bree said...

Aww stamps! <3 I really like the latest La Florida flower stamp series! And it's great to know something new about you! Your obsession with lip balms, I'll bear that in mind. Btw have you sent anything yet? Haven't heard from you for a very long time. :)

chewytulip said...

Hey Lady Kay!

I'm on the other end of the silliness spectrum when it comes to lip balms - I love them so much that I started making my own specifications, of course. I'm still working on some new flavors. :)

I keep meaning to try those Maybelline Baby Lips, too. Do you have a favorite one?

Lady Kay said...

Oh my goodness, really? You'll have to keep me in the loop on your flavors and if you start selling them!

Hmmm with the Baby Lips, the simplest yummy one is 'Quench' in the blue tube. Probably the easiest to find. But my other two favorites are 'Twinkle' and 'Pink Wink'!

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