Monday, April 29, 2013

A Day in the Life of Kay! (in photos)

Thought this might be a fun idea! And since I'm slowly becoming a morning person, so there's actually a FULL day of photos this time! haha. So here goes!

(Don't laugh at my phone background! ;) )

Time to get up! Hmm...I didn't realize how crooked my decorative window is...must see about straightening it! Also, pay no attention to my dirty fish tank...Slight algae issue, but my new algae eater fish is helping combat that problem!

Shower time!

I have a multi-process skincare regime...all Origins products! This company saved my skin!

Always have to have clean teeth! Mouthwash and floss not pictured!

New current favorite Bath & Body Works lotion! I skip between, but this normally goes on before I get dressed. Yum! (They just had a buy 3, get 3 free sale, so I have tons of body wash and lotion to use up!)

Make-up time! I don't always wear make-up.

Oh my goodness...The Beauty Blender. AMAZING!

All done! I wore my hair up that day.

Picked my outfit out of the dryer...I forgot to bring up my clean clothes for the week the night before, haha.

Chose my earrings (mostly monstermango) and my perfume for the day!

Pour a huuuuge glass of half Arizona Green Tea and half water (too sweet by itself!...

Dug around into our 'drink drawer' for a k-cup...

Peppermint Mocha via our wonderful Keurig plus one of my absolute favorite Moomin coffee cups! I have three I think...maybe four? And want more!

An apple and my drinks...

And of course, my medications...

By that time, it's usually light out!

Ate my 'breakfast' in bed...

And pulled out my letter 'folder'

To write a morning letter!

after that, I left for work, and here I am in the McDonalds drive-through waiting to order a yogurt parfait and egg burrito...

At work on break eating saltines and drinking my enormous's terrible, I know!

Finally heading home! (Note: I was stopped when I took this photo! Same as the McDonalds one!)

Surprise Subway sandwich for lunch!

After doing a few things around the house, I settled in for a few horror movies and wrote some more. :)

Watched a few myhousewifelife youtube videos...

And eventually, I went to bed at about 10pm! Missed a few photos in between but I didn't do much. Pictured is my Scentsy "Roma" night light melting Lemon Lavender (I think?)!

And there we have it! A bit of my life for you to see!

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