Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photo and Hour! (sort-of.)

Yep, you heard it correctly! PHOTO AN HOUR! I must admit, other bloggers have produced farrrr more interesting photo-a-days, but unfortunately, my life is extremely...errr...boring? It could be way worse, but definitely not as interesting as most people! So, shall we start?

8:07am. wake up for work! Only at times that have the minutes ending in an odd number! Don't ask me why, it just has to happen. If I push snooze, I must set my alarm for 8:11 or 8:27 etc, etc, etc.

10:00am.Leave for work! I always leave a half hour early! \

Observe, my ludicrously dirty windshield! Haha.

11:00am. At work! I think this is the cleanest our stockroom has ever been! :P

Work between 10:30am and 3pm!

3pm. Bringing home the best sourdough bread from Boudin's!

4pm - 9pm. Writing letters and watching NetFlix! Currently working my way back through The Walking Dead and finishing up Warehouse 13!

Boring day, right? I more or less completely forgot to take photos after that time period! And my parents wouldn't let me take photos of them or of my dinner! (Which was fried chicken that wasn't actually fired but bakes and 'cauli-tatoes'! Make your mashed potatoes semi-healthy by doing half mashed potato and half mashed cauliflower! You can't tell the difference!)

How do you spend your days? Do you have a set routine?


Katie said...

I loved this entry :) ! So neat to see your day in pictures. Yep I pretty much have a routine too, although mine is probably more boring coz I have to sleep all day since I work at night. LOL! By the way I love all your Hello Kitty stuff! :) xoxo Katie

Marina said...

It's not boring at all.. after all - there is Hello Kitty everywhere :)

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