Thursday, July 12, 2012


Okay, so I will admit that I have been COMPLETELY slacking off lately! I basically work, come home, and then crash into bed with some NetFlix on. That's how exhausted I am! As a consequence, I haven't gotten many letters out either. :( But I'm working on it! Anywho, tonight I wanted to do a review! I don't know why it has taken me SO LONG to write this review, but I've had the products for forever and I just wanted to apologize to Jimmy and Monique for how long it took!

Lets get started, shall we? The folks over at PolymerYay! sent me some faaabulous items to review and check out, all of which will be heading to one lucky person! Which reminds me, I still need to pick a winner for my last giveaway...oops, sorry, tangent! So you can probably guess what these products are...or at least what they are made of...polymer clay! Yay! Haha. From what I can tell, really great quality clay is used in their products...I haven't seen anything specific in their item descriptions but I can just tell. I haven't seen ANYTHING from them look cheap whatsoever. Anywho, they make tons of FOOD jewellery! You guys know how I can't resist food-themed jewellery!

Sugar cookie earrings...need I say more?

I'm going to get moving on to the pieces that were sent to me...first of all, these guys were all fantastically packed, neat, and of course, adorable. I am a HUGE sucker for orderly packaging!

I know it looks funny because the products have a different name, but in between my receiving them and posting this, they changed names. :)

Lets start with those yummy cake earrings, shall we?

Something I was really surprised with was how realistic these suckers look. They actually look and feel like they are frosted! All even cut, and there is not a non-smooth line to be seen. The slices are perfectly layered! And these puppies are REALLY light. They seem really sturdy as well...I gave them a good tug and didn't see any loosening of the findings or bending of the clay. I'm also a big fan of silver findings, so that is a definite plus with me.

Next up are the burgers! First off...burgers. Who wouldn't want to wear BURGERS on their ears! i can tell you one thing, nobody else will have hamburger earrings! And it's burgers with all the toppings, too! These ones are studs or 'post' earrings and a similar version can be found here.

The interesting thing about these earrings is that they are flat-backed and not an entire burger...Sounds odd, I know, and I wish I had taken a photo, but it's really nice that they sit flush with your ear as opposed to being so...sticky-outy? Again, everything is expertly layered and NOTHING has even budged when I tried pulling on the various pieces. They are also glossed for protection which is a great feature...I am known for dropping my earrings in things (mostly liquid of some sort. Don't ask. I just do.) and it's nice knowing they won't get stained or anything.

You can definitely see the glossy shine that I'm talking about on this pair (which are only THREE DOLLARS! WITH FREE SHIPPING!):

So, the final item that was sent to me are these <3 earrings! OHMYGODSOCUTE!

You can see the pink version of these guys in the photo above, but I really like how they changed the design a bit and made the lettering stand out in the blue version. Great, great add-on. Kind of makes it pop. And I don't know if you can tell, but the clay used it GLITTERY! Not overly glittery, but it has a bit of a sheen to it, you know?

But seriously, these earrings are five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS. With free shipping!

I know this is a bit of a short review, but it's past midnight and I wanted to get in as much info as I could without boring you all. Before I end this, I want to point out that PolymerYay! doesn't JUST put out polymer stud earrings and polymer dangles. They also offer some more beaded types as well as a couple types of necklaces! You guys will DEFINITELY appreciate the kawaii best friends necklaces! too cute, right? And how much are they? $10!!! AND they have also begun using acrylic!

All in all, I'm definitely giving this shop a high rating in my book. Totally worth checking out and with free shipping right now, COMPLETELY worth a purchase or two. I can vouch for how fab the products are, and you absolutely have to take advantage of those prices!

oh! And also, make sure you check out Monique's store! It's empty at the moment, but just wait and see!

PS. I have decided to no longer do the interview aspect!


Jimmy Sumner said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! We love your blog because we get to see what other people have and make, as well as all of your pen pal posts.

-Jimmy & Monique

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